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(giving him some love)
That’s my dawg.


What? Bro, Isiah can’t be getting into fights?!


And why not? That’s what growing up on these streets is about. It builds character man. And respect. I guess you didn’t have all that at your white-boy private scho–?


–Fuck you man. Why you always bring that shit up? I’m not less of a person just cause my parents were well off. (turning to Isiah) Isiah, listen, squash it next time man…it’s not worth it.


Why you lecturing me? Your boy L is the one with the black eye.


And you should know that your mentor here was in the same shit.


(to Anthony)
What?! How you gimme shit when you’re getting into shit too!


But I didn’t want to! L, you were the one who got me into that shit! I had no beef with the turban dude! It was just a fuckin tackle. It wasn’t till after I stepped in to help *your* ass that I got hurt. Whatever, I’m rollin…you and Isiah keep talkin all about how to get your asses kicked. Isiah, for real, it’s not worth it. (Lookin to L) I know.

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