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Aight, I will. But I’m telling ya, I already done my homework for the week.


Alright kid, you da man. Give me some love.

Anthony puts his hand out for Isiah, who brings his own hand around. As Anthony grasps Isiah’s hand, he notices fresh, deep scars on Isiah’s hand


Yo, what’s this about?! You punch some glass or something?


What’s it to you? I’ll live…I gotta roll or I’m gonna miss dinner.


Dinner can wait. Seriously kid, how’d this happen?


You’re my mentor, not my dad, so kick back.


(walks up at this second, and affectionately puts his hand out for Isiah,
and notices the slight tension in the air)


What’s up Isiah? Anthony giving you some grief?


L, check his hand man…I think Isiah got into a fight.


(doesn’t even glance at hand)
You win?


No doubt.

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