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The tone is friendlier, but still serious. Ryan has been bouncing the soccer ball against the wall in front of him. Just above where the ball hits is a poster capturing Martin Luther King Jr. in Washington D.C., which catches Rahul’s eye.

Let’s look at history for a moment. You’ve got a poster of MLK. That’s PC and all, but MLK was weak…all he did was talk. What you need is a poster of Malcolm X cause he made shit happen. He knew he had to take control of situations when people are out to get you and–

–and what? Malcom X wasn’t neeeearly as effective as MLK. Do you even know where this is (pointing at poster)? August 28th, 1963, one of the very important days of the Civil Rights movement where MLK motivated hundreds of thousands to effect change through peaceful, constructive means. Malcom X just talked a big game, but didn’t do shit.


Yo, I’m gonna get you both a copy of my Ghandi poster. Chill kids… how did he do it? (demonstrates posture) ohmmmmmm.

Ryan tosses the ball at Rahul and a smile breaks through Malkit’s pensive expression.



Anthony stands alone in front of two turntables and a microphone, a keyboard to his immediate left. Headphones cover his right ear, held there by his shoulder. The room is soundproof and Anthony is rocking slightly to the beats, moving between the tables and the keyboard.

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