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I’ll make it worth the wait. Let’s do an early dinner, my treat. I’ll meet you outside your Bio lecture…say 4:30?

Your treat? Why Romeo, how thoughtful. Yeah, after bio class sounds good. (picking up her backpack) Cya then.
(noticing a flyer on the outside pouch)
By the way, I saw this flyer…someone is lookin for a percussionist for the upcoming BSU show…

(glancing at it)
BSU show, huh? Yeah, I’ll be a big hit. (puts flyer down) I’ll pass, but thanks for picking it up.


Suit yourself…you’re always talking about getting back on stage…anyways, got to go. Love you.

Seema kisses Malkit, and on her way out Rahul and RYAN walk into the apartment holding a soccer ball. They exchange greetings with Seema before she leaves and Ryan quickly throws the ball at Malkit, who spins it on his finger.

Someone just got laid.

And someone needs to.


(smiling, starts searching his pockets)
I admit, it’s been awhile…but I think I’ve got your sister’s number here somewhere….

Malkit whips the ball back at Ryan’s head.


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