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The crowd on the balcony jumps to stand, followed by Lawrence and Anthony, who is slow to get up because of a slight limp (from the tackle).

(focusing on L’s black eye, and then Anthony’s limp)
What the hell happened to you two?


Nothin man. We got into some shit with a couple punks on the soccer field a bit ago.
Lawrence here felt compelled to lay down his immigration laws, and dragged me into his shit. (throwing a glance at L)

What? Jigga please, I was just lookin out for you. (meets the glance)

Well I hope you fucked ‘em up cuz you
both look like shit.

(sorta jokingly)
Man, shut the fuck up or I’ll smack you too. Let’s get inside.

Move inside to hear Lamar goin off.


Malkit and Seema are lying on Malkit’s bed, giggling. Malkit gets out and puts his jeans on. He throws Seema’s shirt at her.

So much for getting lunch, huh?

I wonder if you had ever planned on it. Guess it’s a Luna bar until after class.

Seema puts on her shirt and eases out of bed. She slips on some jeans and moves to the mirror to fix her hair.

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