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Malkit glances at Rahul’s exaggerated movements across the room.

(calmly, almost exhausted)
I don’t really want to talk about it. (Pause) Anyways…listen, I’m sorry for flaking on dinner tonight. You got time for lunch tomorrow?

(smiling wrly, touching his jaw)
Sure. But I’m not going to Jamba Juice even if that’s the only thing you can eat.


Seema’s comment makes Malkit chuckle, but he stops as the movement hurts his jaw. The music in the background switches to Seema’s favorite song and she pulls a reluctant Malkit onto the dance floor. Rahul sees them and grabs the girl he’s talking with to join growing crowd.


Anthony, Lawrence and others stand on the balcony showing a couple of college recruits a good time. Anthony and Lawrence are not part of the fraternity, but they definitely know their way around, and people know them.

(to recruit with confidence)
What you need, my friend, is to find a college athlete–preferably a soccer player–to show you how it’s done. There’s nothing like it.

Everyone besides the bright-eyed recruits start shaking their heads. They’ve heard Anthony’s “all talk, no game” discussions of women all too many times. Just then a FRIEND rushes out onto the balcony.


Yo, guys, get your asses inside. Lamar’s on the mic droppin some sick shit.

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