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(interrupting, taking a step closer)
— what the fuck do you mean, ‘all us motherfuckers’?

Anthony stops packing and stands behind Lawrence. Rahul has slowly come to stand just behind Malkit, as other players are delicately walking towards the situation. Though Lawrence is visibly larger than Malkit, it is clear that Malkit has no intention of backing down.


(pausing, eyeing Malkit from head to toe, and then continuing)
You know what I mean. Why don’t you go back to the Middle fucking East where your ass belongs?

With that, Rahul lunges at Lawrence and takes the first punch. The fight is rapid and out of control. Anthony springs forward to intercept Malkit as the other players jump in to break it up.



The scene is dominated by a living room packed with mostly South Asians energetically dancing Bhangra. A table piled with bottles of alcohol stands next to a keg surrounded by people. The floor is littered with plastic cups and the air is hazy with cigarette and ganja smoke.

In one corner, a crowd of people is enthralled as Rahul theatrically describes the evening’s fight. In another corner we find Malkit and SEEMA, his girlfriend. Malkit is icing his jaw with a bottle of beer.

Why didn’t you just let it go?

Come on Seema, you know I can’t let shit like that go. I didn’t mean to brawl though, fuckin Rahul.


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