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Malkit grabs his gym bag, shuts off his stereo, and they head out the door.


Half of the field is already occupied by another pick up game. A small group is congregating in the center of the other half of the field. Rahul and Malkit walk up and it is apparent that Rahul is a regular. The self-anointed leader of the group does a quick head count.

We just need a couple more.

Anthony and Lawrence jog up from the street with soccer bags.

Hey, can we get in on this?

Yeah, that’s it. Let’s split it up.

The leader splits the group into two. Malkit and Rahul are on the same team, opposite Anthony and Lawrence. The leader passes out red pullovers to Malkit’s team.


This is a high intensity game with serious players who look forward to the competition all week long. Immediately we can tell that Malkit and Anthony are two of the better players on the field. Anthony is a forward, and Malkit is a fullback on the same side. They’re both making the other players work to get the ball, and embarrassing them in the process. Fatigue is plaguing most of the players, but these two are still going strong. There’s a palpable appreciation for each other’s talent.

Anthony makes a break for the goal, and Malkit comes in from the side and slide tackles him. They both go down hard and stay down for a couple seconds.

Neither one is hurt, but they get up slowly and Malkit offers a cursory “you okay?”. Anthony’s teammates are

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