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Yes ma’am, I understand.
We’re incredibly excited…Thanks again ma’am.

We can feel the energy as Anthony beams with a smile and hangs up the phone. He walks back to the group, and everyone notices his characteristic swagger.

What’s goin’ on? You’re not the baby’s daddy?

Everyone in the group has a laugh at Anthony’s expense. Anthony inches closer calmly, as if he didn’t hear the flippant comment.


L, we got him. He’s performing!

(with pride, high fiving Anthony)
Yeah baby! That’s my boy!


The room is large and without a blank space on the walls. Old concert tickets fill the gaps made by posters. Pictures of friends line one wall. A bookshelf displays everything from esoteric musical scores to general history textbooks.

We see Malkit finish tying his patka standing in front of a mirror. He meticulously wraps the cloth around his head, smoothing out any wrinkles made along the way. Tupac plays in the background. Rahul enters without a knock, holding his gym bag.

Yo is Professor Singh ready for school or what?

Yeah, let’s roll.

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