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Can it.


You still down for Ashis’s party tonight?


For sure. Seema’s been talking about it
all week.


It’s gonna be dope. Their new place is pretty phat, and they’re getting Ravi to DJ. Hey, don’t forget we’re still playin at McClatchy field before hand. I don’t want to hear any “dinner with my girlfriend” excuses.


Yeah, yeah class will definitely be in session at McClatchy to-night.

Malkit and Rahul give each other some skin. Four rows up Anthony and a FRIEND whisper to each other. We can see orange fliers spilling out of the friend’s backpack. He points to one of them during the conversation, but we can’t hear the words.


Anthony is hanging out with two or three friends, all black.


And right in the middle of the class, he just walks out. No ‘See ya later’, no ‘I gotta go’, nothing. Professor Englehart just walks out…


What a cook.

Anthony’s phone RINGS as everyone laughs at the story, and immediately we can tell that he’s excited.


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