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(catching the ball, continuing)
Easy there kid. I wouldn’t want you to beat me up like you did those guys last night.
(to Rahul) Who knew?


That was a mistake. I didn’t mean to get into a fight,
(looking at Rahul)
but Mr. T over here just started swinging.


You’re damn right I did. How are you gonna take that shit?


I don’t. But I also don’t fight, ‘specially not against 6’2″ black dudes. Confront, but don’t fight.


And then walk away like a loser. At least now he’ll think twice before talking shit again.


What? I don’t know if you noticed, but we weren’t exacting winning–


–Ladies, ladies…true, sometimes you gotta stand up for stuff. I feel that. Everyone feels that.


So every person that looks at me the wrong way should get beat?
You know how many times a day I get that shit?


No, I don’t, but you shouldn’t hate on your boy for taking the first swing.

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