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(Anthony leaves, grabbing his jacket. Isiah and Lawrence look at each other and start chuckling)

I’m out kid…take care of yourself…only get into fights you know you can win, ya know what I’m sayin? And don’t let that shit affect your schoolwork—for real.


It is the same classroom and professor seen earlier. The professor is at the front of the class lecturing, and Anthony and Lawrence are seated several rows back on the left. One row behind them, but on the right side, are seated Rahul and Malkit.


Consider this paper not an assignment, but an exploration. Pick an instrument or a genre or some aspect of music that inspires you, and discover that passion. Delve into that passion. And along the way, write about your journey. Share with me your insights, your epiphanies, your perspectives. Do so in a coherent, moving way, and the paper will write itself. (Pause) Proposals are due two weeks from today, and outlines are due a week after that. Any questions? (Pause) Of course not, everyone is asleep. (Isolated laughter from audience) Moving on, this week we will travel back to ancient India, to discover the tabla, which forms the percussion foundation of both classical and modern Indian music, as well as….


(hushed, to Malkit)
Arreh! Tabla nu rakho, dhol nu chelou!


This is going to be the easiest paper. Ever.

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